Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd.
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about us

Chairwoman’s Speech


We are very grateful for your attention on MICRO RESEARCH!


“MICRO RESEARCH”is the first Chinese company involved in international precision die mold. Weathering through a journey of more than four decades, the company has been all along committed to research, manufacture and process innovation with respect to precision die mold for premium refrigeration and automotive components, and the company’s leading position in the precision die mold sector is thus established. “MICRO RESEARCH”has emerged as a noted brand in the Chinese precision manufacture sector, and prominent achievements have been fulfilled in the international market.


We are intended to unswervingly make innovations for turning the company into the world-class precision manufacturer. It’s our indelible mission and vision to create value for customers, and realize dream of employees. All MICRO RESERCH staff is ready to hold the pragmatic spirits of dedication to development and starting from fundamentals to present hundreds of long-term clients all over the world with lean product and sophisticated technology solution. We are eager to embrace a bright future by attaching importance to details and innovation. We are ready to follow such tenet to provide clients with competitive product in terms of quality, innovation, service and cost, create value for clients and forge a win-win scenarios with clients.


Achievements made by MICRO RESEARCH are sourced from persistence and pursuit of each and every employee, as well as support and trust from each of our partners. MICRO RESEARCH will passionately and sincerely join hands with suppliers, clients, investors and employees to create social value, and make our due contributions to Made in China undertakings 2025!


Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd.

 Leiming Cai