Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd.
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about us

Corporate Culture

Company Vision: become a world-class precision manufacturing technology service enterprise

—— Brand Internationalization: the Micro Research brand is inherited from Japan, maintained in China and carried forward with our efforts in America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia etc. We strive to make the brand of Micro Research represent the technology, quality, delivery and service and become synonymous with precision dies and precision manufacturing in customers’ eyes.
—— Technical Internationalization: Micro Research has uninterrupted technical heritage and deposits and abides by Japanese precision machining philosophy and behavioral codes. This is our advantage and also the prerequisite for the product quality to have international competitiveness. We pay attention to the reserve of new technologies and new processes and continuously develop new technologies and new processes.
—— Layout Internationalization: our products have been sold to 15 countries and districts mainly including the USA, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We have set up subsidies in Japan and the USA so as to provide better products and services to our global customers.
—— Team Internationalization: we have senior experts from Japan and a backbone team which has grown from Micro Research; the subsidies in Japan and USA have sales and technical teams from world-class precision manufacturing enterprises and rich presales and aftersales experience and customer resources of precision dies.


Core Values: Detail-focused with keen insight, specialized research with practical attitude

—— Micro Research’s products and quality are ensured from the smallest details and the minimum accuracy. The specialized research on equipment and processes together with the micron level assurance has formed its irreplaceable competitive edges. This is what Micro Research stands for.
—— During stiff market competition, we always keep a clear mind, knowing our own humbleness and keeping modest spirit and crisis awareness. We continuously seek perfection on micro level and make steady progress to survive and develop ourselves. We hold a practical attitude to make specialized research on our markets, our customers, our technology and details of management.
—— The corporate spirit of Micro Research embodies the spirit all its employees; the strength of Micro Research shows the combined strength of all its employees. The enterprise pays attention to the development of each employee. The energy of Micro Research comes from everything we do and every proud and loyal employee we have.


Operation Philosophy: Insist on the quality, innovation, service and cost to create value for customers

—— All technical innovations are oriented by customer needs; all technical advancements and innovations are made to solve problems for customers and create values for the company.
—— All services are provided to satisfy customers and make our products perform better on the production lines of customers so as to attract more customers to buy our products and services.
—— The value of our products is decided by the market. While insisting on the quality, innovation and service, our cost must withstand the market selection and the the value re-creation testing by the customer.
—— Only when value is created for the customer can we create value; only when the customer succeeds will Micro Research succeed.


Social Responsibility: Allow employees to realize their dreams and generate benefits for the society

—— The employees’ dreams have no conflicts with the corporate value. The enterprise provides a stage for the employees to realize their value. When the self value of the employee and the corporate value is unified, the employees will realize corporate value while realizing self-value.
—— The enterprise development will provide more jobs for the society; its scale growth can pay more taxes to the country; we will enhance the satisfaction degree of employees and raise the happiness index of employee families and make contributions to China’s precision manufacturing and advanced equipment manufacturing.