Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd.
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Core competitiveness

Historic Brand

  • Historical
    Wuxi Micro Research was founded in 1994 by Japan Micro Research Co.,Ltd. Japan Micro Research was founded in the 70s of 20th century with a history of over 40 years. It enjoys high reputation in the Japan precision dies industry especially with its unique technologies and processes in the electronic and semiconductor dies. In the 80s, Micro Research was already established as brand with high reputation and popularity in Japan.
  • Influence
    in China
    Wuxi Micro Research is the first precision tooling enterprise established by a foreign-funded enterprise. Over the past two decades, it has been committed to the R&D, application and promotion of precision dies, precision parts and high-end equipment. By introducing Japanese management ideas, processes and technologies, we have realized many precedents of production localization. From air conditioning fin die to seating guide die, from 863 plan project to special micro hole machining tools, we have filled in many domestic gaps and made indelible contributions to China’s precision die industry and manufacture industry. Moreover, we have also established the leadership in the precision die industry. “Micro Research” has become synonymous with quality and service in China’s air conditioning fin die industry and a famous trademark of Wuxi.
  • International
    With great efforts, Wuxi Micro Research has also made remarkable performance in the international market with our products exported to 15 countries and regions including Japan, USA, Germany, Brazil. Micro Research has become an important brand for the customers in the developed countries of Europe, USA and Japan and the first choice to replace foreign suppliers. Micro Research is not just Wuxi Micro Research’s brand. More than that, it epitomizes and represents the development history of China’s precision die and mold industry.