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Career Opportunities

Job Application

As a pioneer in precision manufacturing industry, Micro Research provides limitless and exciting opportunities for the right candidates to grow with the company for a promising future. Send us your curriculum vitae with a brief cover letter indicating the job position you apply for to or reach us at (86) 510-85166666-3339 today.

1. Designer of Air Conditioning Fin Die [ 2 people ] Work Place:Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China 08/28/2017

1、Design new air conditioning fin die
2、Develop drawings of maintenance, grinding, survey and draw and etc. for fin dies
3、Analyse and find out solutions to problems occurred to air conditioning fin die 
4、Liaise with other departments to clear technical issues and inquiries from customers, as well as to confirm the layout of fin die
5、Trace assembly, machining, and testing process.
1、College degree or above in machinery, die design and related disciplines
2、At least three years of experience in design of air conditioning fin die
3、Familiar with three-dimensional design software (UG, PROE or SOLIDWORK and etc.)
4、Strong problem-solving skills to deal with problems occurred during testing
5、Experience in design of general, thinned-drwan, arc fins and high-collar dies
6、The candidate must be able to design air conditioning fin dies for special industries independently
7、Independently handle survey & draw for press and material collecting by air suction
8、Hard working and strong teamwork

2. Mechanical Draftswoman [ 2 people ] Work Place:Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China 08/11/2017

1、Gender: Female
2、Secondary School or above major in CNC, machinery, mold design or related disciplines with at least two years of working experience in mechanical drawing.
3、Excel in CAD software. Candidates familiar with UG and Pro/E three-dimensional software are preferred.