Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd.
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Core competitiveness

Comprehensive Aftersales

Wuxi Micro Research has an aftersales service team of nearly 30 people specialized in the installation and commissioning of precision progressive dies. In order to meet the customer needs, each die must receive trial production verification by simulating the customer’s production conditions and adopting PDCA cycle before delivery. After careful commissioning by specialists, the products are guaranteed to meet all technical specifications provided by the customer.


In order to allow global customers to use our products without worries, Micro Research sets up offices and aftersales service station in Japan and USA and equip 4 high speed fin presses and 4 presses of other types to do commissioning of dies. We have a number of professional staff with oversea commissioning experience and service experience and equip local technicians in Japan and USA to provide quick technical service.


Wuxi Micro Research provides customers with comprehensive technical consulting and aftersale service through the one-stop design and installation services including the remote diagnosis and maintenance as well as the onsite support and emergency support by a strong aftersales team.


“Quick,, professional,, create value for customers” interprets the promises made by Micro Research on meticulous service.