Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd.
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Core competitiveness


Wuxi Micro Research follows the management concept of top Japanese tooling enterprises, fully carries out 6S management system based on ISO9001 quality management system and establishes a whole set of detailed and standardized production guidelines as well as strict and complete in-process quality control.

With advanced testing equipment, excellent QC engineers, from early stage consulting to product delivery, we ensure the product quality requirements are met and promise to provide top quality product and perfect support to customers through the control of all chains including the product design, material purchase, processing, inspection, assembly and commissioning.



Customer Communication

Providing service to customers is the only reason of our existence. We pay much attention to the communication with customers, make R&D according to customer needs and propose the most applicable system solutions. We share the costdown benefits with customers as a result of technical improvement. We keep close contact with customers and strive to improve the service capability throughout the course of presales, in-sales and aftersales.



Planning Control

ERP management system is introduced to implement the full flowl production control. Practical and effective risk control plan will be developed through FEMA analysis on the potential failure mode and reason of product and process.



Product Design

We insist on taking technical innovation as the core drive to ensure the continuous development of the company. As an industry leader, we rely on our own technologies, keep close cooperative relationship with customers and design competitive overall solutions for customers. We optimize processes and reinforce quality management through careful design and verification.




Product Manufacture

We master core technologies and own core market with focus on the core competition fields. During production, we ensure that all area has full-time constant temperature and humidity. Based on advanced precision machining equipment, we rely on advanced precision machining manufacturing technology and skilled operators to produce high quality high precision products.



In-house Verification

In order to ensure the customer needs are met, we verify the products in the workshop before delivery. In the trial operation area, the customer’s production conditions are simulated with the adoption of flow control of PDCA cycle for production commissioning. A comprehensive judgment will be made through comparison between the trial and the customer requirements.




Aftersales Service

We provide comprehensive technical consulting service and complete aftersales support to allow global customers to feel free to use our products. We have a strong aftersales service team which can offer all-around service including remote diagnosis and maintenance or onsite support and emergency support.