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Air Conditioning Fin Die

Fin Die



A fin die is a high-precision progressive punching die, which stamps aluminum strips, copper strips, stainless steel strips into products of different shapes that are used for refrigeration, heat dissipation and HVAC industries.


Due to continuous improvement of technologies and higher energy-saving requirements, the form of fins has become more diversified with tighter tolerances, resulting in a series of products such as thinned-drawn fin, arc fin, ellipse tube fin and flat tube fin.


The technical innovations of thin material forming, small hole drawing, high re-flare, combination of multi-aperture and the application of 400-800spm punching rate and intelligent technology have brought forward higher requirements on the technology, precision, stability and other relevant specifications of the fin die.


A seemingly easy innovation requires the most complicated technology to guarantee precision.




Our Core Technology 


  • 1)Mature design and technology of the thinned-drawn structure increases heat exchange efficiency by 12% compared to normal design of drawing structure.
  • 2)The design and technology of the arc structure for high-speed punching fin dies enables bores pierced at different diameters by one die simultaneously.
  • 3)The design and technology of the highly-efficient parallel-flow structure for fin dies.
  • 4)The design and technology of fin dies for smart air conditioners including adjusting mechanism for automatic drawing, automatic re-flare, and automatic row slitting.
  • 5)The design and machining technology of full-automatic non-stop air suction unit for material collecting.
  • 6)The design and machining technology of material collecting unit for parallel-flow fin dies.
  • 7)Excellent steel from Japan and Sweden ensures comprehensive interchangeability of the consumable parts of dies. The service life of the overall die is over 400 million punching times.