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Employee News

Micro Research| Team Building Trips

"April is the most beautiful season on earth, and it lives up to the spring and the times." The breeze was gentle, and the waves were rippling. From April 24 to 26, under the company's and the labor union's organization and arrangement, more than 200  Micro Research friends, employees and partners, divided into three groups, visited Yandang Mountain in Zhejiang, Lishui, and Wuyi  Mountain in Fujian for a three-day team building tour. Merging into nature, we enjoyed the beautiful landscape, experienced the local culture, and showed the vitality and cohesion of Micro Research.


The first team walked into the majestic and winding Wuyi Mountain. The team members overlooked at the zigzag and tortuous drifting path from the top of Tianyou Peak, marveled at the thousands of peaks and valleys with rosy red clouds and the deep and clear water of Jiuqu Creek, rafting on the bamboo raft on the Jiuqu Creek, singing songs together, and entering this dreamlike fairyland.

Wuyishan Mountain Team


The second team went to the picturesque Lishui, Zhejiang. The Sky City on the Cloud Cliff was like a paradise floating above the clouds, surrounded by green trees and mountains, clouds and mist. The light and shadow of the sun were reflected on the clouds and terraced water through the hazy morning mist, forming a magical scene of water and sky. The team members picked up their cameras to freeze this beautiful moment and excitedly showed their favorite photography works to each other.

Lishui Team


The third team went to Yandangshan Mountain, which is known as the "ultimate victory in the world." The night scenery of Lingfeng shifted and varied, and the team members competed to find the most exciting viewing angle. Our laughers intertwined with the sounds of roaring waterfall, composing a lively and happy chapter of life.

Yandangshan Mountain Team


What left a deep impression on the journey is not only the beautiful natural scenery, but also the happy and bright smiles of Micro Research’s people. Joining hands and traveling together with sincere mutual assistance is the most beautiful manifestation of the vitality and creativity of the Micro Research. As Chairwoman Ms. Cai Leiming wishes, the brilliant smiles of all micro researchers are the most precious wealth. In this season when all things bloom and flourish, let us remember this beautiful time, forge ahead, and build the future together!