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Company News

Social Responsibility Award | Micro Research earns Certification from the International Women's Ente


          Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd recently obtained certification from the Women's Enterprise Connection International (WEConnect International).

          In 2012, Ms. Cai Leiming, the investor and the chairwoman of Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd., returned from overseas. With exceptional management skills, she established the company's international positioning and development vision, leading the company to innovate and expand into international markets. Under her leadership, the team focused on technological innovation, internal lean management, leading technical quality, industrial brand internationalization, and fulfilling social responsibilities. She also established the "Micro Fund" and engaged in corporate social responsibility by caring for and supporting employees' family well-being, the development of the "Micro Second Generation," the spirit and strength of "Micro Women," and took on various social responsibilities. Ms. Cai received many accolades, including Outstanding Entrepreneur in Scientific and Technological Innovation in Wuxi City, Women Entrepreneur Role Model of Wuxi City, March 8th Red Flag Bearer of Wuxi City, as well as various professional honors and titles in the mold industry.

          By obtaining certification as a women-owned business, we will further leverage the flexible intelligence of female entrepreneurs. This will create a broader economic space for sustainable development and collaboration, providing more equal opportunities for businesses and society and enhancing the motivation for the development of employees and social harmony.


          WEConnect International empowers women business owners to compete in the global marketplace, providing women with equal opportunities as men. They design and implement business solutions, creating sustainable prosperity for wealth and communities.